Hand-in-hand with fulfilling the mission of the Seminary Tea Committee, its members identified the importance of lending spiritual support to our seminarians.  In coordination with Fr. Jeff Eirvin, Director of Vocations for the Archdiocese of Portland, seminarians and members of the committee, Partners in Faith, was launched in 2016.


Each member of the STC is partnered with a seminarian. Most important to her seminarian is his need for her daily prayers.  She also has the option of providing written communications on birthdays and holidays, extending an invitation to her seminarian to dine, attending services that are special to him  (such as graduation and ordination), and providing small monetary gifts. Seminarians keep their partners in faith in their daily prayers.


More often than none, the partners in faith are acquainted with each other only through prayers. A special highlight for both the seminarians and his ‘tea lady’ spiritual partner is their first face-to-face meeting.  These often unexpected, surprising meetings can take place at Mt. Angel Abbey Seminary at the STC Fellowship in March, the STC Retreat in the fall, or at the annual Archbishop’s Seminary Tea.  These meetings bring joyful stories and memories for both the members and the seminarians.  Life-long friendships is the gift.


Partners in Faith provides understanding and appreciation for the education, challenges and journey of our seminarians, places a face to the mission of the Seminary Tea Committee, and enriches one’s Faith.